It is crucial to remember that your notary is a partner who will help you navigate through many key moments of your life. This is why it is so important to choose a legal advisor for whom respect and insight come naturally.

Jean-Luc PageMtre Jean-Luc Pagé

Lead Counsel

In 1985, Mtre Pagé graduated from the University of Ottawa with a law degree(Civil Law LL.L). After earning his diploma in notarial law (DDN) a year later, he worked for over nine years at a practice located in Laval. In 1995, he made the decision to relocate to Saint-Eustache in order to continue his career as a notary. Over the years, he has garnered accolades and respect from his clientele, in particular for his legal acumen and highly-effective communication skills. Drawing on his heightened ability to clarify and present information in simple terms, Mtre Pagé knows how to make the complexities of law straightforward and accessible to his clients.

diane picheDiane Piché

Assistant File Set-up

Diane has been in charge of opening the files at Étude notariale Jean-Luc Pagé since 2007. She carefully ensures that all the information that was gathered to carry out your transaction is both precise and complete. Once this has been finished, she transfers the file over to one of our Assistant- Customer Services. Diane takes great pride in completing her tasks to perfection.

Claudette brunClaudette Brun Lizotte

Assistant – Customer Services

Claudette has been working alongside Mtre Pagé since 1999. Backed with solid experience in notarial services, she partners with Marie-Hélène to prepare and coordinate client files. A long-time collaborator of Mtre Pagé, Claudette is a diligent professional who is always ready to lend a helping hand to clients.

 mh gisbertMarie-Hélène Gisbert

Assistant- Customer Services

Marie-Hélène joined Étude notariale Jean-Luc Pagé in 2002. Directly interfacing with the firm’s clients, Marie-Hélène is also involved in the preparation and coordination of client files. Detail-oriented, yet efficient, she is able to make that special difference in the final product that is submitted to clients.

Lucie marcotteLucie Marcotte


Lucie is a long-time member of Mtre Pagé’s team, and, as the receptionist, every client who visits the Saint-Eustache offices has the pleasure of meeting her. She is also responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, such as accounts receivable and accounts payable. Lucie’s exceptional people skills add a further dimension to the humanistic approach that we promote at Étude notariale Jean-Luc Pagé.