confidentielThe personnel at Étude notariale Jean-Luc Pagé understands that our client base is our most precious asset. This is why the approach taken by our legal advisors and other team members is focused on confidentiality, thoroughness and respect for all client interactions.  

At Étude notariale Jean-Luc Pagé, we acknowledge that we are privy to and are responsible for large quantities of confidential information, and thus pledge to our clients to observe total and absolute professional secrecy.

Mtre Jean-Luc Pagé and all members of his firm are subject to the bounds of professional secrecy when working with files. As such, any new team members must immediately sign and duly abide by a confidentiality agreement.

Respecting and protecting confidentiality is only part of how Mtre Pagé’s practice strives to offer their clients legal services of unparalleled quality. Known for their attentive and thorough approach, team members tailor their legal services to suit the precise needs of each and every client.