droit corporatifStarting or managing a company involves significant legal responsibilities, which is why it is crucial to obtain competent, reliable legal counsel. Your notary is the specialist with the best-available expertise, able to actively support business owners with their legal obligations. For example, a notary can work with you to incorporate your company (incorporation under a federal or provincial authority), draft a shareholder agreement, or even prepare a share sale or transfer, an annual resolution, a commercial lease, a Form 22, a declaration of registration, or the paperwork to register for the collection of sales tax. Whether you are acting as the owner of your company or as one of its shareholders, you can call upon your notary to assist you with all your legal procedures (such as corporate mergers or dissolutions, or share buybacks). Remember that regardless of the business strategy you choose, it must conform to all requirements of the law. Leave nothing in the hands of chance; consult Étude Notariale Jean-Luc Pagé for all your corporate law concerns.