code civil quebec copie Notaries (specific to Quebec) are legal specialists recognized for their impartiality and requirement to fairly represent all parties. They are legal advisors who play an essential role in their clients’ personal and professional lives. Your notary is there to protect and guide you through life’s most important decisions.

A notary can intervene, for example, during key moments such as a marriage, a de facto union (an agreement between common-law spouses), or even when buying or selling a home (mortgage/hypothecate) whether new, resale or a condominium. As your legal advisor, your notary has the expertise to walk you through the preparation of your mandate in anticipation of incapacity (living will) or will. Furthermore, it is your notary who will work with you for the liquidation of your loved ones’ estate (succession).

There are many reasons why you might need to consult a notary: authenticating signatures, giving power of attorney, drafting a travel consent letter, preparing the homologation of a mandate in anticipation of incapacity, administering oaths, probate a will, and many more. Notaries are legal counselors; they are your best option when you need a legal opinion.

A notary also has the expertise to provide counsel with regards to corporate and commercial affairs. Your notary can play an important role during the startup of a business: guiding you through the incorporation of your company and drafting the shareholder agreement. If you have been in business for several years already, your notary could be of assistance when you are looking to acquire or sell a business (share transfers, asset transfers). Your notary is a key legal advisor for managing your business, taking care of various tasks such as your company’s annual update, the annual return of corporations, Form 22, and much more.

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